Openings for August 10th

Anchor & Arrow Dry Goods Co.

3528 Dauphine St,

New Orleans, LA 70117

PH: (504) 302-7273

Open Every Day 11-7

Away Games

Abdi Farah

3718 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117



On view: Aug 10- Sept 8, 2019

Opening Reception: Aug 10, 6-10pm

Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5

Away Games is a solo exhibition of work by New Orleans based artist and Antenna collective member Abdi Farah that furthers his exploration of the role of high school football in the lives and young black men in New Orleans and its significance in larger discussions around the capitalistic co-opting of black bodies in this country.


The show consists of a series of larger than life mixed-media figurative painting and drawings and large text-based tapestries and banners that simulate high school championship and marching band banners, as well as smaller collages, lithographs, and etchings. Opening August 10, the exhibition will coincide with the start of the new football season, and players and teams instrumental in the creation of this work will participate and share in the exhibition throughout its run.

Is this what tomorrow is supposed to look like?

The Aquarium Gallery and Studios
934 Montegut St,

New Orleans, LA 70117

PH: (504) 701-0511

The pARTy is this Satuday! For two months Emery Tillman has been our art in resident using materials from thread to foam and fluorescent tube lights. Emery's work focuses on the ever evolving idea of how otherness and intimacy go together. The work utilizes historical correspondence through queer love letters, such as the relationship of Eleanor Roosevelt and her partner Lorena Hickok. She manipulates neon lights to change the emotions of pieces and tie in other materials such as soft sculptures.

We also will have the studios open for viewing, most will be in work mode full of debris and messes. 6pm-10pm!! Saturday the 10th, if you can't make it but would like to set up a viewing Monday-Friday 8am-5pm just text 504-982-0314


Emery Tillman

The Intuitive, the Morose, and the Uncanny

Barrister's Gallery
2331 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

PH:(504) 710-4506



Kristin Meyers

Jeff Rinehart

Carlie Trosclair

Curated by Christopher Saucedo

BrickRed Gallery
3614 St. Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117


BrickRed presents two solo exhibitions 
on view July 13 - August 10, 2019.
Closing  Reception, August 10, 2019, 6-10pm.

en route


Lost and Found


Room 1: Flowers: The Moment that We Live

Sophia Belkin

The Front Gallery
4100 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

August 10- September 8, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10th 6-10pm

Closing Artist Talk + BBQ + DJ: Saturday, September 7th 3-6pm 

Room 1:

Nonney Oddlokken

Flowers: The Moment that We Live

"He showed me circles. Circles of Life. And then he showed me a flower. A plant has a circle. A seed becomes a plant that has a flower that transforms into a fruit. The fruit drops. There's another seed. The seed grows again. This is a circle. The Flower Is The Moment That We Live... the most beautiful moment of the circle.”
- Alex Atala, Brazilian Chef. 

Just as I was starting to create work for this show.  We had two unexpected and tragic deaths of family friends, just two weeks apart. This work is a tribute to the beauty in life. 

Nonney Oddlokken is a native to New Orleans but had lived and studied art in Europe for many years. She received her BFA at Strykejernet Fine Arts Academy in Oslo, Norway. Then in 2001, she returned back to the University of New Orleans to further her interest in Women’s Studies. Her art is very narrative, symbolic and depicts the indigenous plants, animals, and folklore found in Southern Louisiana. She currently lives in St Charles Parish with her husband, two children, three dogs and a pond of goldfish that she has named after friends.

Room 2:

Kelly A. Mueller
Survival Paradoxically Involves Surrender

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

– John Muir

Nothing in nature exists in isolation; everything is part of a larger complex, universal system. Author/Biologist David George Haskell writes, “Survival paradoxically involves surrender, giving up the self in union with its allies. We’re all- trees, humans, insects, birds, bacteria- pluralities. Life is embodied network…where ecological and evolutionary tensions between cooperation and conflict are negotiated and resolved. These struggles often result not in the evolution of stronger, more disconnected selves, but in the dissolution of the self… Because life is network, there is no “nature” or “environment” separate and apart from humans. We are part of the community of life… so the human/nature duality that lives near the heart of many philosophies is, from a biological perspective, illusory.”

Kelly’s current studio work concentrates primarily on the tenuous space between natural law and the high-order organization (and accompanying habits) of human existence. Pulling from systems and behaviors found in nature, her painted works orchestrate narrative collages with the assistance of a digital projector, allowing bits of “projected chatter”: email snippets, articles, podcast headlines, to intermingle with her drawing. These projected images rise and fall in woven layers of visual and physical texture, acting as a form of hand-painted printmaking, speaking both to the artist’s choice and to the higher-order distraction we’ve created in an imagined environment we’ve separated from the natural world.  

We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.

 –Herman Melville

Originally from Chicago, Kelly teaches art at Lusher Charter High School and lives in Mid-City, New Orleans. Often large and textural, her paintings and drawings center on the tension between natural forces and systems, and the human tendency to subvert these systems.  She received her MFA from Northern Illinois University and is currently a member of The Front Gallery in New Orleans, and Baton Rouge Gallery, LA. She attends artist residencies whenever possible outside of her teaching, including such places as Hambidge, GA; Stone House, CA; Philadelphia Art Hotel, Dorland Mountain Art Colony, and a research trip to the Amazon Rainforest as a Surdna Fellow. Hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, and being with her favorite people bring her great joy.

Rooms 3 & 4:


Jessie Vogel
Peter Hoffman   
Sylvia Santamaria    
Angel Perdomo     
Patrick Coll     

Curated by Kevin Baer 

Space Explorers / Space Invaders is a group exhibition responding to ideas of outer space, alien life and interstellar contact.  Artists were asked to reflect upon, as recent discoveries seem to tell us, the near certainty of life on other planets.  I was thinking about an intergalactic conversation - Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the Voyager space probes carrying a golden record etched with sounds, music and messages from Earth - including how to find us.

The show features a mixture of approaches - sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking and 3-D animation.  Artistic responses range from strange, to funny, to optimistic.  Some deal with a darker side – alien invaders come to conquer our planet or looking toward a future where the human race must flee to Mars because we have exhausted Earth’s resources.  What form might alien life take?  Will life from other planets ultimately be benevolent or violent?   What about us?

Room 2: Survival Paradoxically Involves Surrender


Jessie Vogel
Peter Hoffman    
Sylvia Santamaria     
Angel Perdomo      
Patrick Coll 

Kelly A. Mueller

Good Children Gallery

4037 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

New Orleans, LA 70117-8326



Independence Street Nola
3700 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117




2nd & 4th Saturday of the month from 1-6!

Art Market every 2nd Saturday

New Orleans Art Center
3330 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

PH: (504)383-4765




New Orleans Art Center, 3330 St. Claude Ave., 504-383-4765.  Opening Reception Saturday, August 10th, 6-10pm Group Art Exhibition “Fresh” including Illumination Series by John K. Lawson, paintings by Keith Perelli, Darrin Butler, Kalli Padgett, Edward Hebert and more! Exhibit runs  thru Sept. 7th. Hrs 12-6pm daily and by appt.

Group Art Exhibition “Fresh"

Illumination Series by John K. Lawson

paintings by Keith Perelli

Darrin Butler

Kalli Padgett

Edward Hebert and more!

image1 (3).jpeg

Second Story Gallery

2372 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117



August 10 to September 7, 2019

Opening Saturday, August 10th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at 2372 St. Claude Ave. in New Orleans.



Open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The show will run through Aug 3rd.

Admission free.

The Second Story Gallery at the Healing Center in the St. Claude Arts District is pleased to present the exhibition Down in New Orleans from ans based Documentary Photographer/Conceptual Artist Michael Alford explores the vast and renowned artistic talent of the cities’ music culture. This solo exhibition represents a collection of photographs captured from 2012-present in the fabled music venues, stages, festivals and streets of New Orleans.

Michael is known for capturing “defining moments” by blending and blurring the lines between Documentary, editorial, reportage and Fine Art.

Michael Alford was born in Seattle, WA but grew up in the American South. He spent the first half of his life serving in the U.S. Armed Forces (serving in multiple combat and humanitarian missions). The Artist became the State of Louisiana’s 1st Post-Iraq War Veteran to seek and obtain a Masters Degree in Fine Art (graduating Magna Cum Lauda, LSU/2013). He is a National/International award winning, published, exhibiting artist and educator.

Charles M. Lovell
Gallery Coordinator, Second Story Gallery
Cell: (575) 770-0095

Down in New Orleans

Michael Alford 


Gallery members present a group exhibition

Staple Goods
1340 St. Roch Ave.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117


August 10 - September 8, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, August 10, 6-9 pm


Staple Goods gallery members present a group exhibition Dust. A submission to "Dust" could refer to that which turns into dust, that which collects dust, the color grey, the immobile, and the passing of time. 

“Dust is what connects the dream of yesteryear with the touch of nowadays.” — Celeste Olalquiaga, from The Artificial Kingdom, 1998

Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays,

12:00-5: 00 pm, except for Second Saturdays when hours are 6:00-9:00 pm.


UNO Gallery

2429 St Claude Ave,

New Orleans, LA 70117



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Arts District St Claude

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